1. Checkups and consultation

2. Children's and preventive dentistry

- fissure sealing
- preventive coating

3. Fixing and healing of tooth

4. Cosmetic dentistry

- whitening/bleaching (in one visit)
- sand blasting (small granules of sand combined with water effectively remove colored deposits from teeth made of tea, coffee, juices and cigarettes consumption)
- tooth jewelry

5. Prosthetics

- fixed prosthesis: ceramic crowns and bridges chromasit crowns and bridges cercon ceramic crowns
- removable prosthesis: akrilat and metal prosthesis
- temporary bridge (the same day)

6. Treatment of periodontal deseases

- cleaning of periodontal pockets
- composite splint, reebond
- tartar removal
- artificial bone

7. Dental X-rays

8. Implantology

9. Protective trays

- for athletes
- for patients who suffers from gnashing of teeth
- protection after prosthetic solutions

10. Application of dermal fillers and botox in face aesthetics

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